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Case Study

South West Transit Association

“The feedback we’ve received from our members is they love the new look, and the ability to update things themselves. They really like the Info Hub and being able to search for different members and information.”

Amanda Webb, Member Services & Operations Specialist, with the South West Transit Association talks about GrowthZone website services.

When we were thinking about onboarding and migrating, the team at GrowthZone really helped us build the bulk of our website. Our previous website was a little over 10 years old and the new one looks so much more dynamic and it’s much more user friendly. I use GrowthZone chat support a lot. Anytime I’m hung up, they’re able to help and direct me on how to fix or do something that I didn’t already know how to do. The website is really simple to use with the ease of changing things. We have several members on our team and we all use it and know how to do it. I think that says something right there – it’s user-friendly enough that every member who needs to use it on our team, can.

Was it easy to build your website?

You don’t have to be a genius to get a website with GrowthZone- they will build the bulk of it. If you have a static website, then they’ll pretty much do it for you. If you have a more dynamic website with information changing, it’s easy to update.

Do members like your new website?

The feedback that we’ve received from members on our website is first, they love the new look and design, which was very nice to hear. They love the ability to be able to post jobs and news on their own without having to send it to us, wait for us to process it, and then post it. The other thing that people really like is the Info Hub directory within the website. They love being able to go in and search for different things, like different members. Let’s say you’re a businessperson and you’re wanting to do prospecting yourself, you can very easily go into a company and look at all of our individuals and find a person that works best for you.

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