10 Body Language Techniques for Powerful Presentations

When making presentations, it’s critical to be aware of the messages you’re sending through body language.

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10 Tips for Effective Body Language:

  1. Open your chest and arms and keep your back straight to help you relax.
  2. Smile to make your audience comfortable.image of digital figure at podium
  3. Gesture with your arms and hands and look your audience in the eye in order to keep the audience’s attention.
  4. Keep calm to show confidence.
  5. Use the physical space by taking 2-3 steps between presenting point A and then communicating point B.
  6. Vary your gestures.
  7. When talking about a specific element in the presentation, point directly to it and look at it on the screen.
  8. To encourage audience participation, use open gestures and walk around/toward people.
  9. When answering a tough question, pause and breathe slowly and answer while looking the questioner in the eye.
  10. Remember to use positive gestures throughout the entire presentation – nodding, smiling, mirroring.

Follow these tips to stay on the path to becoming a superb presenter and to drive genuine audience engagement.

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Source: SOAP 


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