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Case Study

West Volusia REALTORS Association

“With GrowthZone, you’re not just converting to a new software system. You’re adding another employee to your association. It will automate so much work within your office, you’ll be amazed with the efficiencies.”

The West Volusia REALTORS® Association serves over 1,000 real estate professionals in Central Florida. Its number one goal is to ensure that realtors remain the center of every real estate transaction through advocacy and building stronger connections and partnerships.

The Challenge

The Association had been using member management software that was very outdated and hadn’t released user enhancements in close to fifteen years. Because of the software’s limitations, the Association needed to use other programs such as MailChimp in order to get closer to the functionality it was looking for to operate efficiently.

“We set out to find a system that didn’t have large upfront costs but would allow us to automate a lot of the things we do,” said Ryan Tucholski, CEO of West Volusia REALTORS Association. “We were referred to GrowthZone by another Association in Florida and when we compared it with other solutions, the choice was pretty easy. It was like moving from a sandbox to a boardroom.”

The Solution

In today’s world, an AMS has to do more than just manage members. It has to engage them. “We’re rolling out the Info Hub and Member Center and that’s getting a lot of traction as members love the easy access to resources,” said Tucholski. “Having a one-stop shop to do everything is really great because our old system just couldn’t handle that.”

“Everyone loves GrowthZone’s intuitive interface,” added Tucholski. “You barely need instructions on how to use it because it’s that easy. It really takes away a lot of our stress.”

The Results

One of the biggest selling points for Tucholski was GrowthZone’s billing module. “No billing module from any other AMS compares to GrowthZone with such things as stored payment profiles, reoccurring billings, and credit card processing. For example, we lease lockboxes every year. All we have to do is set up a payment profile so that can be handled automatically. Before GrowthZone, that task alone was almost a full-time job.”

“In terms of overall efficiencies in communications with our members, I bet we’re noticing at least a 20 percent lift,” added Tucholski. “Also, the time it takes to input a new member and get them up and running has become so much easier.”

According to Association CEO Ryan Tucholski, here are the top three benefits of GrowthZone:
  1. Billing Flexibility – “The sky is the limit on how we can customize billing. You can honestly set things up however it’s best for you.”
  2. Member Engagement – “We now have the ability to not just manage member data, but to fully engage members across the Association.”
  3. One-Stop Shop – “I love that we no longer need to spend time and money on extra programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact. You can do everything using GrowthZone.”
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