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Getting More for Less: Maximize ROI with Association Management Software

GrowthZone’s innovative all-in-one AMS helps organizations maximize their full potential while improving the bottom line, providing a high Return-On-Investment. Through cost savings, revenue generation, and maximized operational capacity – staff have more time to focus on members’ needs and growing the organization.

Without GrowthZone, association staff may grow frustrated when switching between multiple tools, and manually inputting and updating the same data in various databases. It’s not unusual to have one tool for email marketing, another for event management, and yet another for payment and billing. These disconnected software platforms don’t “speak” to one another, and multiple subscriptions impact the bottom line.

cloud-based AMS platform, GrowthZone offers powerful tools in a centralized hub for one monthly price. A best-of-breed platform, it improves efficiency and helps grow membership, allowing associations and commerce chambers to maximize ROI.

Email Marketing Platform

GrowthZone AMS eliminates the need for a separate email marketing platform, offering integrated, “baked-in” marketing automation tools. With Email Designer, create high-impact newsletters and emails using “drag-and-drop” templates or create your own custom template. We also offer integration with third-party email platforms like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, so you can continue using these tools as part of your seamless AMS experience.

Integrated Event Management Software

Shopping for affordable event management software can be frustrating. Many event platforms, like Cvent, intentionally do not publicize their pricing structure. It is tier-based with per-applicant charges, a percentage cut for payment processing, and custom feature upgrade costs. Eventbrite charges 2.5% of the ticket price, plus 99 cents per ticket, plus 3.5% for payment processing – charges which they intend for you to “pass on to the consumer.” Even with Planning Pod, which pitches its services as “affordable for anyone,” you can expect to pay anywhere from $228 to $828 per year to promote your events. 

GrowthZone provides a robust and affordable alternative to these third-party options. We offer event management tools that can be integrated with payment processing for significant savings. Send invitations and event materials to members, track registration, generate name badges, collect pre-payments, and process on-site transactions with GrowthZone.  

Built-in Payment Processing Software

Payment processors vary – some have flat fees, while others work with percentages. One thing they all have in common? Adding another monthly subscription payment.

GrowthZone Pay is a payment processing system that fully integrates with the software, reducing the need for an independent platform. With GrowthZone Pay, you can accept payments for new memberships, events, educational courses, and e-commerce items. Members can make one-time or recurring payments online or on a mobile device, and the information is automatically updated in your system.

Association Website Design

With website design services like Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix, you’re left to your own devices to build the website and get everything integrated with your other platforms. 

With an affordable website design offered by GrowthZone, you get an expertly built site that’s handled by the pros at GrowthZone. We specialize in web design for associations and chambers. We understand what makes an engaging interface for prospects and members. We make it easy for members to access directory listings, event calendars, job boards, and a secure dashboard. Our team will take time to get to know your unique association and how you serve and attract members to determine the features that are most valuable for your organization.    

Mobile Apps for Associations and Chambers

The average cost of building a custom mobile app ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. Dealing with app designers can be frustrating, particularly if they don’t understand the nature of your work. You could end up with a lot of fancy-looking features your members don’t want or need, and it may be difficult to migrate data and integrate tools you depend on. 

With the MemberApp, members can update their accounts and get the information they need on the go.  The App is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of association and chamber staff: business card scanning to load contact data, contact management and note-taking, event registration and tracking, payment processing, and more. We make it easy for association and chamber managers to check the status of events, and payments, update member data, and automate day-to-day activities – all on their mobile devices.

Contact GrowthZone to learn more about our association and chambers of commerce AMS starting as low as $3,900 annually. Watch a demo to see how our innovative solution can work for your organization.

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