Here’s What Chamber Users Say About GrowthZone Products

“This is the first year in probably 10 years since I’ve been around the chamber that we have beat our new member goals every quarter. I think part of that can be attributed to the fact that we are tracking the work we’re doing to attract new members through GrowthZone.”

Holly Allen
Vice-President of Marketing & Communications
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of commerce professionals require a powerful, easy-to-use system to manage the daily workflow of running their organizations. GrowthZone Chamber Edition membership management software helps organizations grow and retain membership, engage and inform members and prospects, and streamline tedious tasks so they can focus their mission.

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More Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

Improved Communications

“I am able to send personalized emails to a specific target of members within minutes, and the email is saved in their business membership file.”

Jeannette Holmden
Director of Membership and Business Support
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton

Member Engagement

“ChamberMaster has been great for keeping all of our members up to date on our latest events and happenings. We love to be able to communicate with members in specific groups and committees. ChamberMaster makes this process easy for our staff.”

Harrison Helmer
Membership Coordinator
Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership

Website Design

“We have a new website designed by GrowthZone and it has been a game changer at our small, rural, NC Chamber! It had been many, many years since we had revamped our website and it was embarrassing to give out the website address.”

Michele Burgess
Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce

Event Management

“Last year, we hosted over 350 different webinars, ribbon cuttings, fundraisers, after hours events, and more. All of them were run through ChamberMaster. In fact, last year we hosted the largest event our town has ever seen called Meet in the Street. It was our 40th year and we saw about 15,000 attendees. Our sponsors and booths brought us a large chunk of revenue that allowed us to serve our business community better and ChamberMaster made it so much easier for us!”

Liz Simpers
Wake Forest Area Chamber

Streamlined Accounting

“Before using GrowthZone, we had a tedious process of keeping track of many things such as new or dropped memberships, accounting transactions, member profiles, collections, and so many others. Since our transition into GrowthZone, we no longer manually produce such reports; GrowthZone generates all this information for us and offers so much more!”

Jaclyn Casil
Operations Manager
Guam Chamber of Commerce

Revenue Processes

“In the past two years, we have completely overhauled and optimized our accounts receivable process, and the centerpiece of this transformation is ChamberMaster. Our team uses member profiles and the reporting dashboard to ensure we are paid on time for memberships, sponsorships, and events.”

Amanda Eid
Manager of Communication and Engagement
St. John’s Board of Trade

Support for your Success

“The support and customer service team at GrowthZone/ChamberMaster has been a tremendous help to our chamber. I was scheduling a 1:1 meeting for several months to learn how to use ChamberMaster. This [support] has made our Chamber stand out from our neighboring cities.”

Darlene Larsen
Executive Administrative Assistant
Renton Chamber of Commerce

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Nearly 3,000 chambers of commerce use GrowthZone products.

Here are a few reasons why.

New Member Tracking

Holly Allen from the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce talks about how GrowthZone helps track new member goals. “This is the first year in 10 years since I joined the chamber that we have beat our new member goals every quarter. I think part of that can be attributed to the fact that we are tracking our work to attract new members through GrowthZone.”


Janet Davis from the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce says, “We have definitely seen a return on our investment with ChamberMaster. Number one, the training time for staff has been great. The second is, when there are updates, it’s so easy. The updates just come right through and it’s been very self-sufficient for our members because they can go in and make their own changes of email addresses and employees in the company. They can also go look at their finances. If there is a billing statement out, they can see everything they owe. You can pay online on our website.”

Saving Staff Time & More

Dale Perrin from the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce talks about how GrowthZone helped his chamber staff save time. “We’ve definitely seen a return on our investment, especially for staff time with running the reports and getting the information/data that we need. The other nice thing about ChamberMaster is that it encourages the members to keep their information up to date and fresh. This helps with Search Engine Optimization because it keeps their name out there if they are updating their information.”


Holly Allen also notes how GrowthZone’s regular updates have helped her chamber. “I think what I like personally about GrowthZone is that it is updating constantly. The developers are always looking for ways to make things better. They take information from us, the customer, and put that to use. This has been really helpful for us as we go along and use the software in new ways.”


Sylvia Spurry from the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce comments on how GrowthZone has helped her chamber efficiently manage events. “[With GrowthZone], it’s the efficiency, the fact that members can do their own work and add what they want to it, and the option to have events that people can register and pay for in GrowthZone. There are not four steps, there is just one. GrowthZone is definitely it. If you are a Chamber of Commerce or somebody in this line of work, whether economic development or otherwise, it would be the number one answer.”

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