Our team will be your guide in ensuring you are setup for success with the GrowthZone AMS on-boarding success plan.

Success!LaunchLaunchPlanningDataConversionand DesignPlanningand PrepDiscovery

1. Outlining the Process and Expectations

  • Goals review
  • Review the team members who will be involved and their roles
  • Determine your initial priorities and pick key training webinars and register
  • Provide us with your data file
  • Data consult
  • Setup payment profile

2. Planning and Prep

  • Web site design planning – confirm and review theme, provide us with your logo, discuss desired colors, provide us with your social media account information, discuss the DNS information that will be needed for your domain
  • Provide you with access to a trial database so you can review your data
  • We will provide you with a data validation checklist to guide you through what to check to confirm your data is accurate for your needs
  • Start attending top needs training webinars

3. Data Conversion and Design

  • Final data consult and launch of production database for your software
  • Provided with access to your website design in “look but don’t edit yet” state
  • Approval of home page design
  • Provide us with your interior page content

4. Launch Planning

  • Discuss the key milestones in your typical year (e.g. events, billing timing)
  • Define a “first project” that will be completed in the software
  • Register for future trainings on areas that you may not interact with right away, but will want a refresher before completing a key future task
  • Determine who needs training
  • Develop a member communication plan (we will provide you a checklist of ideas for great ways to communicate with members about your great new web site and The Hub/Member Center)
  • Work with us to build your first member communication in the software (you’ll get something checked off your list while learning the software)

5. QA, Integration & Launch

  • We will QA your final web site
  • Completion of software integration and review and approval of integration
  • Launch!

6. Ongoing Support & Training

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