Our team will be your guide in ensuring you are setup for success with the GrowthZone AMS on-boarding success plan.

Success!LaunchLaunchPlanningAssisted Onboardingand Website DesignProjectInitiationDiscovery andSolution Planning

1. Discovery and Solution Planning

  • Understanding goals, needs, and processes
  • Determining key stakeholders
  • Defining the ideal solution components
  • Offical project kickoff

2. Project Initiation

  • Project/training plan provided by project manager
  • Data files provided to GrowthZone – data mapping and data conversion into staging sandbox for review
  • Start completing training, videos, and webinars
  • Website design planning – confirm Success Plan and gather launch information

3. Assisted Onboarding and Website Design

  • Participate in available training courses to gain familiarity and comfort with basic navigation and functions
  • Key setup of the software performed by your project manager
  • Available for weekly 1:1 consultation timeslots and email assistance to help you understand the core functions of the software
  • Completing the website design and integrating core modules into the site to feed the content directly from the database

4. Launch Planning

  • Develop a member communication plan
  • Work with us to build your first member communication in the software. We include a template you can use or modify, as well as other suggestions for member communication.
  • Use our Readiness Checklist to make sure you feel comfortable with the core software functions you will use.
  • Work with us to coordinate your website “go live” date

5. QA, Integration & Launch

  • We will QA your final web site
  • Completion of software integration and review and approval of integration
  • Launch!

6. Ongoing Support & Training

Live Group Demos 1-To-1 Demo