Association Memes, Weird Stories, Fake Texts – Oh My!

image of claw arcade gameIt has been said the number nine signifies wisdom and good leadership. So, we’ve assembled a list of blog posts from 9 association experts. Influencers in the evolving membership industry, these pros regularly share their wisdom and leadership to help associations navigate the road to success.

Covering everything from fake texting to weird stories, from member memes to barista trust, there is something to appeal to everyone.


Create Fake Texting Stories
Your Nerdy Best Friend (a.k.a Beth Ziesenis…Author. Speaker. Nerd.)

Associations and Lousy Marketing
Amanda Kaiser, Smooth The Path

Using Video as a Freemium Strategy
Mary Byers, Author. Speaker. Facilitator. Consultant. Provocateur. Permission Giver.

The Board Never Knows How Hard We Work
Wes Trochlil, Effective Database Management

Why Weird Stories Matter
Kiki L’Italien Association Chat

Craft Breweries Offer Up Lessons for Chapters
Peggy Hoffman, Mariner Management and Marketing

Do You Trust Your Association Colleagues as Much as You Trust Your Barista?
Sheri Jacobs, Avenue M Group

Membership Hack: Member-Generated Memes
Tim Ebner, Associations Now

The Retail Apocalypse
Sarah Sladek, XYZ University

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