Part 2: Kick Start Your Association’s Networking Events

individuals networkingAssociation networking events are critical to increasing member engagement and demonstrating value.

Give your members the tools to maximize the time and energy they put into event attendance.

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Part two of our two-part series on successful member networking explores post-event tactics to maximize the opportunity.

Share these post-event tactics with your members:

      • Add each new contact to your LinkedIn network.
      • Follow up with a quick email or phone call within 24-48 hours. Schedule this on your calendar. Seriously, set aside the time and make yourself do it. Remember, you told them you would.
      • Share a resource with them—something helpful (g., a blog, article, book suggestion, or person they should connect with)—not a sales piece. Give first and expect nothing in return.
      • Make it personal, “It was great meeting you yesterday. Enjoy your family reunion this weekend.”
      • Following up once may not work. Touch base on a regular basis. You’re simply staying connected. Next time you see them, they’ll (hopefully) remember you.
      • Subscribe to and send a congratulation every time one of your contacts pops up.
      • Invite your new contact to another networking event you will attend; it’s is a great way to interact with more of your contacts face-to-face.

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      • Continue to give (and don’t expect) reciprocity–it will come on its own. When you’re connecting with someone, you’re communicating with their The idea is to keep your name and what you do at the top of their minds. Your product or service doesn’t have to apply to them, use the strength of that one connection to open many doors.

Networking is part of business growth, and two important aspects go hand-in-hand:

      1. You’re creating awareness of your brand and your existence.
      2. You must capitalize on that awareness through follow-up.

To put it bluntly, without follow-up, you’ve wasted the opportunity.


Check out the tips in the first installment of this series: 8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Association’s Networking Events. 


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