Striving for Success: Event Management

We hope you’re learning and growing from your peers, as we share how they are using GrowthZone’s software solutions to grow member value, increase productivity, and boost revenue. This is the third in the Striving for Success series of blog posts featuring excerpts from our 2022 Chamber Success Competition entries.

Many of our users share that they are enjoying the GrowthZone solution’s event management capabilities. Entry responses to the Success Competition relating to event management included:

“Before ChamberMaster, our Chamber would mail everything out. It was a tedious process and did not keep things organized. Once we switched to ChamberMaster, we were able to streamline our payments for dues, registration for our events, and keep our records organized by event and member.

It has made our lives so much better with less stress and more productivity. Our events used to be a mess – no one could figure out who signed up for what. With ChamberMaster, I am able to have an up to the minute report on registrations and who paid. The sign in sheets that I can print straight from the software makes having the event even easier. No reason to reinvent the wheel.”

Susan Thompson
President/Interim Director
Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We have begun managing events through the software, it has definitely streamlined the process as we learn how to better utilize the software.

I believe that ChamberMaster can be the one stop shop to handle all our needs.”

Bianca Romero
Executive Assitant
Barnesville Lamar County Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“ChamberMaster allows us to seamlessly upload events, invoices, and attendee lists in a convenient and simple way. The event module allows us to easily have attendees register and then invoice them. The data then integrates with QuickBooks.

ChamberMaster allows us — with just a few clicks — to create an event on our calendar and send it out to members. It is just seamless.”

Josh Bass
Currituck Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

We schedule everything in our ChamberMaster Events module, this allows our members to see upcoming events as well as register for them. Anyone can register for the majority of our events then they see the different pricing and it has encouraged some to become members.

The Events module has benefitted us the most we use it to notify our members of all the upcoming events and the happenings at the Chamber. The events interfaces with Facebook to keep everyone in the know.”

Kellie Fryman
Chamber Administrator
Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

We especially love managing our events in ChamberMaster. It makes it easy to track our guest list/collect fees and helps drive sales by helping to target non-members who attend.

In turn, they can easily and instantly sign up as a new member using GrowthZone. It is also very easy to create an event on our website people can register and pay through.”

Holly Morales
Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We are using the Event Page more fully to promote events. We are getting more participation which is also increasing revenue.”

Mary Ann Burns
Membership and Programs Coordinator
Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We hold many events, and the ability to send invites, track attendees, sponsors, set budgets, etc. is phenomenal.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for creating ChamberMaster, we truly would not be where we are today without it.”

Alita Bagley
South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

Easily Manage Your Association’s Events & Registration

Events are an important way to build member engagement and non-dues revenue. From the moment you start planning your event to the day you send thank you emails to attendees, GrowthZone’s event software system helps you navigate every aspect of the event process.

  • Send email invitations
  • Create an event web page & link it to event calendars
  • Offer online registration & accept online payments
  • Generate name badges
  • Keep the lines moving with on-site check-in and payments
  • Facilitate breakout sessions
  • Track registrant attendance
  • Run event reports

Learn more.

“The Events module helps to eliminate time spent on creating each event that we offer. Being able to create a previous event and just change dates and content is fast and efficient in our office, and by having it linked to our website it’s an additional avenue for traffic to our website.

The other benefit of having the Events module for us is the ability to quickly know who is coming and if we need to contact them we can do so with ease of the email system and even look back at previous events to see who attended. After the event, creating invoices is so simple.”

Monica Osborn
Executive Director
Weyburn Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“Managing our events on GrowthZone has by far exceeded our expectations. We no longer snail mail invitations! Our members love being able to register online for events and we love having a downloadable list of the attendees.
Being able to create name tags with a click of a button makes getting ready for events a smooth process!

Our membership has increased by 20% since we signed up. GrowthZone has brought the Rosemont Chamber of Commerce into the 21st century!”

Melissa McIntyre
Executive Director
Rosemont Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We never used many of the features offered by ChamberMaster and GrowthZone before the new website and now we are enjoying posting events and having thumbnail pictures of the event flyers posted and for the first time we are giving our members the option the register online and pay online for the event. It’s been incredible.

Today we had our WOVEN (Women of Vance Empowered Networking) luncheon and presentation. We had 70+ to register (the largest group ever) and a large number paid online when they registered. We were able to get a lot of the money up front, and now the expenses are covered, even if they did not show up. We are saving employee time by not having to invoice individual participants and we can now share a link for them to go online to register instead of having to make them email us or call us, which takes up our valuable time too.”

Michele Burgess
Henderson-Vance County Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“Last year, we hosted over 350 different webinars, ribbon cuttings, fundraisers, after hours events, and more. And all of them were run through ChamberMaster.

I can’t thank your team enough for the support and fluidity of your platforms. As a first year president, it has helped us look SO good!”

Liz Simpers
Wake Forest Area Chamber
ChamberMaster user

“We are able to create and promote events, setup registration links, specify the allowable amount of attendees, manage sponsorships, generate invoices and check-in attendees during events. The best part about this is that all our employees are capable of taking part in any step of the process because it is user-friendly! There is nothing more convenient than to be able to create an event and have everything else fall into place automatically.

All employees have downloaded the GrowthZone app onto our cellphones to use the check-in option, without having to carry a laptop or have a computer setup.”

Jaclyn Casil
Operations Manager
Guam Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“Our event director loves that all the planning, registration and payments are all streamlined into one section. Super easy to manage and printing CUSTOM Name Badges for each attendee makes us look very professional!”

Darlene Larsen
Executive Administrative Assistant
Renton Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

To learn more about the 2022 Chamber Success Competition, read the news release. Wake Forest Area Chamber was awarded the $500 grand prize for sharing how GrowthZone software has helped make a positive impact on their office functions.

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