Striving for Success: Improved Communications

We hope you’re enjoying the Striving for Success blog series, featuring entries from our 2022 Chamber Success Competition. Through these blogs, you will learn from user experiences how you can grow member value, increase productivity, and boost revenue while using GrowthZone’s software solutions.

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The following highlights responses from solution users who noted improved communications from using GrowthZone.

“ChamberMaster has been great for keeping all of our members up to date on our latest events and happenings. We love to be able to communicate with members in specific groups and committees. ChamberMaster makes this process easy for our staff. With constant engagement through the software we have seen better member retention.”

Harrison Helmer
Membership Coordinator
Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership
ChamberMaster user

“ChamberMaster has increased our ability to put communication notes into our members accounts. This is a great and valuable resource to be able to go back in and check on past conversations, notes, calls and logs. This allows our Chamber to write good information for each member, so we may look back on discussions and create reminders that happen in the future.

Managing over 400 members, the communications and reminder feature is important for us to be able to genuinely connect with the businesses and look back on conversations and understand our relationship with that particular member.”

Kathryn Hlavay
Membership Coordinator
Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We were down to 50 members because the chamber was no more. A colleague and I have taken the chamber over and with using ChamberMaster we have been able to increase our membership and send professional invoices for our members. It’s been wonderful.

I can send mass emails, which is the best ever. I think that’s my favorite. I keep a calendar updated so all business owners can see the events that we are doing. ChamberMaster is a one stop shop. I love it.”

Robin Long
Vice President
Payette Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“Our “Chamber Connects” is completely managed and executed and tracked through ChamberMaster. This outreach program is key in our member engagement and retention process. It allows all 1,850 members to be contacted by one of our 15 staff, giving them a point of contact. Monthly, the Member Services Specialist creates an email and phone script to share with the team, through ChamberMaster. The communication varies from month to month, but has a focus of member exclusive benefits, opportunities to share content for free throughout our robust communication channels, our roster of free training programs, and more.

We have evolved this program to make the calls strategically 90 days prior to the renewal date, while the emails are being sent halfway through their annual contract. We can track success of the program monthly through reports. We have taken our cancellation rate from 15% to 8% in 5 years.”

Becky Davison
VP Marketing
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“We use the basic modules and accomplish a lot! Using Lists/Committee help with targeted communications and engagement, plus folks can self-subscribe, making communications happen automatically.”

Tracy Hale Clark
Executive Director
Louisa County Chamber of Commerce
GrowthZone user

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“ChamberMaster has been essential in our communication and billing with member businesses. We have also been able to run remote and in-person education workshops for our members on how to maximize the usage of their ChamberMaster listing, which has led to higher general engagement with our business community, aside from the actual benefits of a central calendar of events.”

Peter Burke
Executive Director
Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce
ChamberMaster user

“The Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce has been a ChamberMaster customer for over a decade. After looking at our options, we decided to upgrade our ChamberMaster software and use GrowthZone for our new website and payment system. This was one of the most affordable options we found since it is based on a yearly subscription instead of a large sum upfront. I was surprised at how much of the information we already had in ChamberMaster can be directed to our website which saves both time and money. We are in the process of launching our new website next month and we are amazed at how much the software allows us to consolidate.

We are also now taking advantage of using ChamberMaster to send emails to multiple members to confirm the information on their member directory listing. This saves time and money instead of mailing this information to our members. With a staff of 7 for more than 800 members, the ability to automate so much of our processes has allowed us more time to focus on our members and community.”

Rachel Keith
Director of Communications
Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce
GrowthZone user

With ChamberMaster, I am able to send personalized emails to a specific target of members within minutes, and the email is saved in their business membership file.”

Jeannette Holmden
Director of Membership and Business Support
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton
ChamberMaster user

To learn more about the 2022 Chamber Success Competition, read the news release. Wake Forest Area Chamber was awarded the $500 grand prize for sharing how GrowthZone software has helped make a positive impact on their office functions.

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