3 “Must-Haves” for a Powerful New-Member Welcome Email

image of email with wingsA new-member Welcome Email is categorized as a “triggered” email that is generated when there is a meaningful change or event in a prospect’s behavior or profile. In this case, when a new member joins an organization.

Triggered emails are different from and more effective than BAU (‘business-as-usual’) emails.

In the past year, triggered open rates were 64% higher than BAU open rates and click-through rates (8.2%) were double BAU rates (3.4%), according to Epsilon.

A welcome email is a new member’s first exposure to the voice of an organization – and it’s the singular chance to set the tone.

Statistically, welcome emails are the most powerful triggered emails. Recently, welcome email open rates were reported to be as high as 91% with click-through rates upward of 26% according to a report from GetResponse.

3 ‘musts’ for an effective welcome email:
  1. Send it Now

When a new member joins an organization, sending an email immediately generates the highest open and click-through rates. Real-time responses have significantly stronger results. However, for many associations, real-time or immediate responses may not be an option. That’s OK, consider sending bulk welcome emails on a daily basis. The results will be stronger than when sending the emails weekly or monthly.

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  1. Use a Recognizable Sender Name and Email Address

An email sent from a person is preferable to one sent from an organization (e.g. ‘info or marketing at company name).  Use an email address that can actually be replied to. A generic address will work but using a specific person’s email address is best.

The sender name dramatically impacts open rates. Consider using a real person’s name with the organization’s name (e.g., “Amy from GrowthZone”).

  1. Pay Attention to the Subject

Never underestimate the importance of the subject line. When trying to cut through the noise of the inbox, an engaging subject line makes all the difference. It should catch the reader’s attention and give them a reason to open the email.

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The mission of the welcome email is to boost loyalty and shine the spotlight on the association. Most importantly, it serves to reinforce the value of the organization and define the role it will play in the new member’s journey to success.


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