Does Your Chamber Have a Plan for Innovation? Most Do Not.

At the end of 2022, GrowthZone surveyed 474 chambers of commerce professionals across the U.S. and Canada. The results showed that 74% do not have a formal innovation process.

Does this sound familiar? You may need to do a comprehensive assessment of your value proposition and consider writing (or rewriting) your mission statement.

6 Steps to the Perfect Chamber Mission Statementassociation mission statement image

A well-developed mission statement is a practical tool used by chambers of commerce to help guide decisions about priorities, actions, and responsibilities. It should paint a picture of your chamber, communicating its fundamental objectives. To start, simply take the time to review your mission; it could be more useful than you think. Read our handy tip sheet with 6 steps to create a mission statement that’s uniquely yours.

Marketing Plan Basics for Chambers

If you’re new to writing marketing plans or working at a chamber, you may find our Chamber Marketing Plan Basics tip sheet helpful. You’ll get an overview of these five components of a great association marketing plan (including examples!):

  • Mission
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Tactics
  • Strategy

It’s a quick read and free to chamber professionals. Clearly defining and writing your mission, goals, objectives, tactics, and strategy is an exercise that will help you to confirm that your chamber is on the right path. Get the tips.

When creating a marketing plan, many chambers miss the opportunity to clearly differentiate between a strategy and the other necessary plan components. A well-defined marketing plan with a clear strategy is vital for an organization.

Can you relate to what your peers shared about innovation and member value? Read the full survey results report to learn more about:

  • Challenges/Concerns/Worries
  • Reinstatement Strategies
  • Non-Dues Revenue Sources
  • And a LOT more!

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