A Marketing Plan for Association Events

image of people working on calendarGet more out of your event marketing with Before, During & After: The How-To Guide to Successful Event Promotions.

Sneak Peek: Here are a few ideas you can do before, during, and after your event to help promote your event.

  • Name the event – Whether formal or fun, the name of your event will set the tone. Either way, make it memorable.
  • Create a visual identity – Develop one image or look and use it consistently across all promotions. Think about creating a logo or using an interesting photo or illustration.
  • #Hashtag it – Create an official hashtag. Make it short, and ideally, unique to your event. It’s a good idea to double check if/how the hashtag has been used by others. Then use the hashtag in every Facebook post, Instagram update, and Tweet leading up to the event. Include the hashtag in all your materials, and encourage others to use it before and during the event.
  • Keep it simple – Too much or inconsistent information will turn people off, and you’ll lose their attention. Simplify and unify the messaging and the appearance of your event materials. The last thing you want to do is confuse people.

Get the guide for more tips on:

  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Promotional tactics
  • During the event
  • Post-event marketing

What are you missing when promoting events? Tackle your next event with this blueprint for success. Happy planning!

Get more out of your event marketing.
Before, During & After: The How-To Guide to Successful Event Promotions.

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