Striving for Real Estate Association Success

We hope you enjoy (and can relate to) hearing from our customers and how they are reaping the benefits of using GrowthZone’s software solutions to grow member value, increase productivity, and boost revenue. This Striving for Success blog post features excerpts from our 2022 Real Estate Success Competition entries.

We asked users to explain how using GrowthZone AMS software has benefited their real state association and/or members. Here are a few of the highlights:

“GrowthZone has completely changed our application processes and the way we are able to engage with our members. Having all the access to the tools we have now has helped us stay on top of association billing and communication in a way we never have before and the access to the member portal has helped us streamline our association management system in a way we couldn’t do before for our members. Beyond that, the support staff at growthzone are excellent and whenever we have an issue they are always there to help us get it resolved.

The billing and reports section has helped us dramatically save time when it comes to our yearly dues and we no longer have to track down every member each dues period. The member portal provides our members the avenue to update their contact information and keep track of billing which they haven’t been able to do the way they could now. So now, at any moment, we can run a report and view our outstanding billing and in a few easy steps we can resend the reminder and invoices. Billing season has never been easier for us.”

Kevin Weinkauff
Communications & Technology
Bonita Springs Estero REALTORS®

“The Events module seamlessly integrates what used to be multiple member and event management systems, sites and processes. Members easily register for our events now through links that can be found in e-mail reminders, on the web site calendar, on their InfoHub, MemberPlus phone app and more. Everything is literally at their fingertips. They can pay with credit cards and store them for future purposes, receive confirmations and reminders, all without staff time once the initial set up is in place.

There are much better uses of time for staff to address membership issues other than repetitively answering questions or taking registration information for events. I am relieved to have so much of our event management automated at last!”

Denise Schultz
Lakes Area REALTORS® Association

“With the real estate industry expanding rapidly, our previous processing for time for paper applications was stretching to 72 hours. By moving to the online applications offered through the GrowthZone Member Module, we have streamlined our processes and cut processing time down to, in some cases, less than 1 business day!

We have improved member engagement in our now, more virtual world, by utilizing the Marketing Automation module with a targeted workflow aimed at new members. This has also streamlined our processes by having a ‘set-it, forget it’ setup, thus enabling staff to work on the workflow once and having it run throughout the year.

We elected to utilize the Association Marketing Automation Module to create a multi-step email campaign that would cover a member’s first year of membership. We kicked off this new workflow on Jan. 1st of this year and to date still have 93% of our new members in the workflow. We have also seen an increase in the engagement of our members by connecting with us via newer forms of communication highlighted in the workflow.”

Peter Johnston
Chief Operating Officer
Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

“GrowthZone is going to have a very strong impact on our association! I will be able to use our data in many different ways that will benefit all members. Our events, calendar, programs, meetings, sponsorships, newsletters, social media, meeting content, reminders, etc. – the list goes on…will all be in ONE PLACE!

GrowthZone has all the data right where I need it to be, and I can use the power of reporting and modules to use the data in a much more effective way. This will save me from continually logging into, updating, and passwording on multiple platforms. Also, members will have the ability to access their records on their own in the InfoHub.

The Events module is important to me because I would normally have to log into three different platforms. GrowthZone allows me to find the data I need and create the marketing and communications that members want in order to know what is planned for them.

I also love how the modules interact with one another – for instance, if the data is entered in one module, it will pop up where we need it on another module as we need it. There is no need to continually enter the data.”

Hannah Hodgson
Board Administrator
Newport County Board of REALTORS®

“As a growing REALTOR® organization with just one employee, it can be hard to manage all the things that we have to: including membership, billing, code of ethics, events, committees, etc.

GrowthZone has eliminated the need for the long list of spreadsheets and trackers that needed to be maintained in the past. The Agent Hub makes it easy for our members to be more self-sufficient, so the AE is spending less time on tasks the agents and brokers can take care of themselves. GrowthZone has also increased member engagement. Having the calendar connected right to the website means that agents have a full view of all the things going on in the Association. It’s easy to email a group of individuals from here; no maintaining distro lists and constantly having to update them.

GrowthZone has streamlined event planning. One-stop for sign ups, billing, sponsorships, website link, and even name badges. The time saved trying to maintain organization without GrowthZone has been invaluable. GrowthZone has made our small Assocation look so much more professional; something that would have been totally out of reach for an organization of our size previously. With the Events Module, we can keep track of program ads, tee signs, sponsorships, dinner attendees, and can even group people into foursomes with little effort. It’s easy to set up discounts for those who register a foursome. The ease or organization with GrowthZone has made it so much easier to run our Golf Outing. The reduced time spent trying to stay organized and keep everything together means that our Executive Officer has more time to focus on other aspects of running an outing; making sure that our outing gets better and better and raising more money for our charitable foundation.”

Emily Bowden
Executive Officer
Sussex County Assocation of REALTORS®

“GrowthZone has improved our membership in numbers by making the membership managment process simple. The registration and calander we are able to share with our members has been valuable and streamlined plenty of the education and event processes.

The event tab alone has allowed staff to stay orginized as well as given our members the opportunity to see our annual calander at the click of a button. The List and communication tab has allowed us to send communication to each of the 15 different committee members, which consist of 10 plus members.”

Crystal Montano
Greater McAllen Association of REALTORS®

Easily Manage Your Association’s Events & Registration

Events are an important way to build member engagement and non-dues revenue. From the moment you start planning your event to the day you send thank you emails to attendees, GrowthZone’s event software system helps you navigate every aspect of the event process.

  • Send email invitations
  • Create an event web page & link it to event calendars
  • Offer online registration & accept online payments
  • Generate name badges
  • Keep the lines moving with on-site check-in and payments
  • Facilitate breakout sessions
  • Track registrant attendance
  • Run event reports

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The Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association was awarded the $500 grand prize for sharing how GrowthZone software has helped make a positive impact on their office functions.

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