Survey Shows Members Join Chambers for Networking and Visibility

The results are in! GrowthZone surveyed 474 chambers of commerce professionals across the U.S. and Canada at the end of 2022. The results show several interesting trends impacting today’s chambers.

Read on for a preview of the 2023 Chamber Survey findings:

Membership is on the Rise

The majority of survey respondents say membership at their chamber shows an increase from last year and new membership also shows an increase from last year:

  • 56% Increased net membership
  • 65% Increased new memberships

While finding and keeping members is a great achievement, the survey also showed 59% believe members recognize the unique value of the organization. This is a good indication that members are benefiting from being a part of your chamber.

If you’re not confident your members understand the unique value of your chamber, take time to conduct research or refer to your last membership survey.

Put yourself in your member’s shoes and view your renewal process from their perspective. Can it be simplified? Learn how to conduct a member survey.

Why do members join?

It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know. Networking is powerful, and it’s obvious from the survey results that your members know this. Networking and visibility in the community were the most popular reasons cited for why members join:

88% To grow their network
72% Visibility within their community or profession

Use this infographic to share the benefits of joining your chamber with your community.

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