Association Professionals Share Member Value and Diversity Efforts in 2023 Survey

GrowthZone recently surveyed over 300 association professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Included in this survey was a section on Values and Policies. Nearly 40% of survey respondents believe members do not understand the value of their organization and the specific solutions offered to them.

Is your association in the same boat? Is it time to refresh your value proposition?

Reassess Your Value Proposition

The vision you have for your organization today may no longer be effective, relevant, or possible. This makes it necessary to reevaluate how to deliver value going forward. Begin the reevaluation work with a comprehensive assessment of your value proposition.

“A value proposition is a simple message that helps convey to members why they write a dues renewal check, attend your events, donate to PAC, or read your mail.” -Melynn Sight, nSight Marketing

Read more in this blog post from Melynn.

Facilitating Diversity and Interactivity

Also assessed in the survey was diversity efforts within associations. Only 44% have a documented diversity and inclusion policy that they use regularly.

If you’re not sure you need to implement a plan at your association, think again. Providing an atmosphere that welcomes all personality types is not only critical for growth, but also helpful in increasing member engagement among all members. At your networking events, be sure to offer a blend of free-for-all visiting along with intentional mingling activities with a purpose.

Association professionals can say they “know” their members and co-workers, but they often struggle to understand the cultural nuances of dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds, religions, languages, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, and more. In case you missed it, we hosted diversity expert Jessica Pettitt of Good Enough Now to explain how to increase your comfort in interacting with people who are “not the same” as you are. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

Intrigued by these results? Read the full report to see how your association compares:

  • Challenges/Concerns/Worries
  • Reinstatement Strategies
  • Non-Dues Revenue Sources
  • Renewal Rates, and More!

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