The First 3 Months of Association New-Member Onboarding

new member onboardingNew-member onboarding is crucial for associations. A touch plan to improve the process builds a strong foundation for engagement and for a long-term membership.

The new-member onboarding and first-year renewal processes work hand-in-hand and should be a 12+ month program (at a minimum).

Take a look at the steps for the first three months, then download the complete plan of the onboarding process.

Day 1-7

      • Send welcome email.
      • Mail new-member packet.
      • Call the member to say, “Welcome to the association.”.

Day 14-21

      • Email instructions on how to access member benefits.
      • Call with an event invitation.

Don’t make stoopid member onboarding mistakes.
Download the step-by-step New-Member Onboarding Plan >>

Day 45

      • Make a check-in call / “Hello, how are things going?”
      • Email a reminder of features available to members.

3 Months

      • Analyze how they’re using their membership.
      • Email a piece of useful content, an article, or a link to a popular page on your association’s website.

Customize this plan for your organization (and remember that even a simple plan is better than no plan at all).

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