How to Calculate Association Member Renewal Rates

membership calculations for renewal rates

You don’t have to be a math person to determine your organization’s renewal rates. Follow this simple 1-part formula to see how your association is doing!

RENEWAL RATES: (the percentage of members that renew their membership over a given period of time)

(# of Renewals) ÷ (Eligible Members) = Renewal Rate

Example: At the end of 2018, 3,000 members were up for renewal and 2,825 renewed. 

2,825 ÷ 3000 = .94 

Renewal Rate = 94%

image of membership calculations workbook
Important Info:

  • The # of members should be calculated using # of billing accounts.
  • The formulas below are based on annual renewals but can be adjusted to use for any time period (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • Formulas using dues values are based on a traditional dues structure.
  • Tiered dues should be calculated by levels and then plugged into formulas.

It’s critical to measure and benchmark membership data regularly (only once a year is a recipe for disaster)!


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