What is an AMS and What Does It Do?

what is an ams? imageWhat is an AMS?

AMS stands for Association Management Software. This type of software offers associations, as well as other member-based organizations, the tools to run their day-to-day operations and provide services to their members.

Time = Money

A robust AMS typically saves associations time and money by streamlining their data management and increasing efficiency. It eliminates the need to enter the same data in multiple software applications – users simply enter information once, and it replicates across the system, syncing with email, websites, financial software, and more.

Using a feature-rich AMS helps associations grow and retain membership, engage and inform members and prospects, and streamline tedious tasks.

Cloud-based AMS is best

A cloud-based AMS system is critical as it allows users to access important information and accomplish tasks anywhere, anytime. It should be powerful and easy to use.

Important AMS features for organizations to consider include:

  • One system for communication that syncs with email and member profiles.
  • Sales funnel management to identify membership prospects, track communication, and grow their member base.
  • A customizable and intuitive dashboard for data management, report generation, and more.
  • Online member sign-ups, dues renewals, and profile updates.
  • Complete website integration.
  • Online event registrations and payments.
  • Training, on-demand tutorials, and support.

Simply put, an effective AMS should allow an association to grow faster, empower their members, and do more in less time.


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