How to Create a LinkedIn Group for Associations

linkedin groups for associationsLinkedIn Groups provide an arena for professionals with similar interests or working in the same industry to share insights, ask questions, and foster connections. This is a valuable opportunity for associations to connect with members and prospective members.

To create a group for your organization, you’ll need to use your personal LinkedIn account (company pages can’t create or form groups). You’ll be the owner of any group you create, but you can also assign other members to be managers who can help manage your group.

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A group should be named something specific so that users can find and join the group. Depending on your goal, you can name the group after your organization or under a more targeted name. A targeted (but specific) group name more likely to draw prospective members.

Be sure to be crystal clear when describing what your group is about and who it is for. This is critical for targeting the right people.

    1. Go to your personal LinkedIn Groups page. This is easily accessed at or from your own LinkedIn profile page under the “Work” icon in the top right corner.
    2. On the right side of the page, click the “Create a New Group” button.
    3. Enter the requested information
    4. You have an option to add (up to three) industries that are associated with your new group. The decision to include industries will depend on the purpose of the group.
    5. If location is applicable to the group, type in your location and choose the most appropriate area from the dropdown menu. Including a location makes sense for some groups (e.g., state chapters, chambers of commerce, etc.), but is irrelevant for others.
    6. Rules set the tone for the group and should consist of clear, sensible guidelines. A quick internet search provides examples of rules used by groups across various social media platforms.
    7. Under Discoverability, choose whether the group should be public or private. “Listed” groups appear in search results, and membership in the group is visible on members’ profiles. “Unlisted” groups don’t appear in search results and aren’t visible on members’ profiles. An unlisted group can be accessed through a direct link or invitation from the group admin.
    8. In permissions, choose whether or not group members have the option to invite others and whether posts must be reviewed by group admins before being visible to the group.

Learn how to set up a group using iOS or Android devices.

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    1. To invite connections to join, on the group page in the top right corner, click “invite connections”. If you’re directly connected with someone on LinkedIn or have their email address, you can invite them to the group. 
    2. You can also “Search by Name” and select connections from the list or click “Filters” in the popup window to see connections filtered by locations, current companies, schools, or/and industries.
    3. Click “Invite”.

To manage or edit the group, go to the group page and click “Manage Group” or “Edit Group”. This is typically found in the top left corner, under your profile picture. This is useful for updating descriptions, adjusting communication settings, changing visibility, etc.

    1. Focus on quality members, not quantity.
    2. Think long-term
    3. Set sensible rules.
    4. Moderate wisely.
    5. Do regular maintenance.

Building a LinkedIn group provides an active space for your association to serve as a trusted resource, and keep members engaged and informed. It’s a valuable opportunity to include in your organization’s communication strategy.

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