Cut the (Desktop) Cord

Cut the (Desktop) Cord

The COVID-19 crisis forced most chambers and association professionals to work remotely. Many expect this trend will continue, which means being tethered to the office full time could be a thing of the past.

Those with laptops and a strategic stack of web-based tools have been able to continue business without missing a beat. Those without should make sure they have the needed equipment and tech infrastructure to run their organization, access files, and enable their members to engage remotely, including:

  • Electronic payment capabilities that allow members to pay for membership fees, events, services, and products online while integrating with your member management software.
  • Web-based member management software you can access from home, while visiting members, and at events.
  • A membership application on your website that is easy to find, fill out, and submit.
  • A mobile app for your staff so they’re never detached from real-time membership information and the ability to load contact data, view contacts and notes, register and check-in event attendees, and process payments.
  • A mobile app for your members so they can stay informed, pay invoices, and interact with other members.

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