Association Value Proposition

Reassess Your Value Proposition

The vision you have for your organization today may no longer be effective, relevant, or possible. This makes it necessary to reevaluate how to deliver value going forward.

Begin the reevaluation work with a comprehensive assessment of your value proposition.

Value Proposition
A Definition for Associations & Chambers

“A value proposition is a clear, simple message that helps convey to members why they write a dues renewal check, attend your events, donate to PAC, or read your mail.”

“Associations across the country are considering their member value proposition as the most important step in re-evaluating and discovering their promise to their members.”

-Melynn Sight, nSight Marketing

Value Propositions

Tackling Change

How St. John’s Board of Trade changed their entire way of doing business to better serve members – including everything from day-to-day operations to programs and events.

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Win-Win Value Proposition

How building stronger relationships with area businesses helped the Ucluelet Chamber grow membership by 40% in one year.

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