How Associations Increase Membership Sales

man woman shaking handsYou may not realize it, but you’re in the business of selling. Think about it. You sell memberships. Renewals. Sponsorships. Certifications. And conference registrations. Get the idea?

But how do you really succeed in sales? It starts with being able to track and manage the sales process. Using a sales funnel, anyone can master the art of cultivating and closing sales.

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Not sure what a sales funnel is?
It can vary depending on what you’re selling. Standard stages generally include:

  • Awareness
  • Interaction
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Decision

A robust sales funnel software should store every single piece of sales-related information and data in one central place and allow users to track prospects through all stages.

Association-specific sales funnel software should allow you to:

  • monetize and track sales opportunities
  • create and track proposals
  • forecast revenue
  • manage and process member applications
  • track every piece of communication about each sales opportunity
  • create tasks and timelines, complete with follow-up reminders
  • run comprehensive reports so you can forecast your close rate and revenue
  • provide data on probability, sales stage, and lead source – all with a single system

Keeping all data and information in one place instead of having to rely on multiple systems prevents little details from easily fall through the cracks.

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