Chambers of Commerce Share Organizational Challenges in 2024 Survey

GrowthZone surveyed 470 chamber of commerce professionals across the U.S. and Canada at the beginning of 2024. The results show several interesting trends impacting today’s chambers, highlighted below are some key findings:

  • Despite engagement challenges, a majority of Chambers experienced a net increase in membership in 2023.
  • Lack of engagement and time constraints are cited as primary reasons for members not renewing their memberships. Offering automatic credit card renewal could help mitigate these issues and improve retention rates.
  • While many Chambers aim to innovate, a significant portion struggle with implementation, indicating a need for support and guidance in this area.
  • Chambers report that members primarily join for personal benefits such as networking opportunities, community visibility, and credibility building, suggesting that emphasizing these benefits could attract and retain members.
  • Event sponsorships and registration fees are significant sources of revenue for Chambers, highlighting the importance of events in their financial sustainability.

These insights provide valuable information for Chambers of Commerce to address challenges, improve engagement, and enhance membership growth and retention strategies. To read the full report, visit:

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