AMS Fest 2017

AMS Fest 2017 imageIt’s the final countdown to AMS Fest 2017 and GrowthZone is pumped!

What is AMS Fest?

AMS Fest is two loaded days where association pros will be elbow-to-elbow with executives of member-based organizations, consultants, and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around technology and AMS systems.

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There will be talks about the future of AMS, what’s trending, what is and isn’t working, what’s innovative, what new systems are out there, CRM vs. AMS, and the list goes on…

You’ll walk away with a complete checklist on how to plan, select and implement an AMS. You’ll also hear from some of the top tech leaders in the association industry on strategic management and execution.

Why Is It Different?

There will be the opportunity to get under the hood of the platforms with 30-minute platform previews as well as Block and Tackle sessions that address some of the hottest topics in the association tech world. Plus, they’ll have a barista on staff all day and serve beer at lunch!

100% of surveyed attendees at the last AMS Fest said they would recommend AMS Fest to a colleague. The AMS Fest Team is so certain you will get your time and money’s worth out of both days that they guarantee it. If you aren’t satisfied then just request your money back, and they’ll honor it.

There are only 15 seats remaining. Come see us in Chicago!

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