19 Last-Minute Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

image of female bossYikes! It’s important. And you meant to do something, but somehow Employee Appreciation Day (March 1, 2019) snuck up on you. No worries. We have 19 excellent ideas for meaningful employee appreciation that can be put together quickly.

  1. Serve breakfast
  2. Video game day
  3. Gift cards
  4. Ice cream sundaes
  5. Healthy lunch at the office
  6. Thoughtful, handwritten thank you note
  7. VR playground
  8. Extended lunch break
  9. Dessert buffet

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  1. Movie day
  2. Non-work lunch with boss
  3. Thank-you video
  4. Buy new office necessity
  5. Board game day
  6. Bring in fancy coffee
  7. Personal desk gifts
  8. Let them leave early
  9. Prize drawings
  10. Shout-out on social media

Breathe. You’ve got this!


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