GDPR Wheels in Motion

By now your association should be up-to-speed on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect May 25th, 2018.  It applies organizations located in the European Union (EU) or organizations that collect data from members in the EU.

Not only is this regulation poised to protect data, but it will set a new standard by challenging many companies to remove antiquated systems and upgrade business processes. The new law also dictates how to report data breaches and how to transfer data across borders safely.

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To be sure, this isn’t just for business-to-consumer companies; it also applies to overseas employees, as well as business-to-business marketers. The distinction between these two groups no longer exists as it once did.  And much of the GDPR regulation is focused on securing electronic data privacy, communications delivered through the internet, as well as all electronic services.

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The Future of Data Privacy Regulation

Europe has always had tougher regulations for its citizens regarding personal data. Privacy is a right in the EU, whereas it is more of a commodity here in the U.S.  With millions of Americans suffering data breaches, and the recent blow-up over third-party data sharing on social media, most Americans do welcome tighter regulations.

Today, American regulatory framework does not provide much structure. The sensible route is to adopt a framework already in place, one in which many U.S. companies have already begun working toward.

Considering what U.S. tech giants need to do to be compliant with this new regulation means that GDPR will most likely set the stage for how personal data is protected in other countries and throughout the U.S.

Privacy professionals do welcome GDPR, recognizing it as the perfect opportunity to implement a policy based on a common set of standards and requirements. Regardless, GDPR is on course to change the world of data-driven marketing as we know it.

How GrowthZone Helps Our Customers with GDPR Compliance

  • Expressed Consent for New Members
    You will need to gain one-time expressed consent from current members, however, for new members you can simply enable this required step as part of your standard membership application.
  • Unsubscribe & Communications Flexibility
    Greater flexibility to easily add standardized disclaimer/privacy text to the bottom of all emails including single emails. This allows you to actively communicate your GDPR compliance to your contacts.
  • Security Improvements
    Access to a host of optional security features that can be enabled a la carte to enhance the security and restriction of the authentication of your members.
  • Privacy Shield
    GrowthZone software products will be certified via the PrivacyShield framework. This means that your members’ data will be housed outside of the EU but still in compliance with GDPR.
  • Privacy Policy Update:
    Updated privacy policy to now includes important GDPR related items.

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