3 Tips for Crafting an Effective Welcome Email

The welcome email is your chance to introduce your association, so make it count.

When a new member joins your association, do you fire off a quick message and move on to the next thing on your to-do list? If so, it’s time to rethink your strategy – the welcome email is an enormously valuable opportunity that only happens once.

Because welcome emails occur at an early stage in the member relationship before email fatigue sets in, you have a great opportunity to make a positive impression. Don’t pass it up.

Statistically, your welcome email is the most important message for a
new association member. Download the Welcome Email Checklist.

how to write a new member email imageA ‘no-reply’ email address is not okay.

So be sure to use an address that can be replied to. A generic address is okay, but using a specific person’s email address is best. People are more likely to reply if they know it’s going to a real person.

If you must use a generic address, try hello@associationname.com because it’s eye-catching and friendly. Consider going a step further and including a phone number. This reinforces to the new member that you want to hear from them. Better yet, invite them to reply.

Make Sure Future Emails Get Through 

The best of the best in email marketing will sometimes fall victim to SPAM filters. If your email service provider has it, use a SPAM checker to increase the likelihood of your email making it to your new member’s inbox. The welcome email can also be an opportunity to ask to be added to their trusted contacts (sometimes referred to as white-listing).

Add Social Media Buttons                           

Ask members to follow your association on social media. This is not a radical, breakthrough technique, but it works—and it benefits both of you. It’s the ideal time to grow those relationships beyond the inbox—members are given more opportunities for connecting with you online (read our blog post on social media ideas). It also gives you a nice safety net if they decide to unsubscribe from your email list later.

Now What?

If you do the welcome email right, members will be more excited than ever about receiving updates from your association.

See more tips for creating an effective welcome email including:

  • Reinforcing their decision to join
  • How much information to include
  • Call to action ideas

Make your welcome email count. Download the Welcome Email Checklist.


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