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“I cannot imagine being a membership association or organization and not having a membership management system like GrowthZone.”

MissionWorks COO, Tory Ruark, talks about the value of GrowthZone AMS and the impact it’s had on their organization.

Why did you choose GrowthZone AMS?

We looked at about three or four Association Management Systems and found that the features, the price, and the onboarding customer service was the best with GrowthZone.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

What I like best about GrowthZone is every time I try to do something new with it, I find it actually does what I want it to do. Is there one particular feature I like the best? No! It’s the fact that there are so many features. Every time a co-worker says, “Can we do this?” I say, “Let me go check.” I look and see, and we can do it.

Can you describe the ROI you receive with GrowthZone?

The look and design of our communication and invoices is much more professional than what we were sending. The ease of people being able to make payments is much easier than what we had. We receive payments faster and we’re also receiving renewals that in the past we wouldn’t have gotten because the invoicing and payment system was just too awkward and clumsy, so it fell through the cracks.

How else is GrowthZone providing value?

We actually believe that when we consolidate the number of free or very inexpensive programs, we were using to try to replicate what GrowthZone does, we’ll come very close to removing from the budget the amount that we pay for GrowthZone. It brings value in the way that we are perceived by our membership. I think our perception is growing in terms of professionality and in terms of value that our members are getting. The other value it gives is value for my staff who are integrating with GrowthZone and no longer having to use this mishmash of programs to try to get their job done.

Do you feel GrowthZone will help with member retention?

I absolutely anticipate our retention rates going up and our turn rates going down. I anticipate not only the impact it will have on our current membership and staff, but even as we anticipate growing, GrowthZone will provide the structure. Whether it’s the 175 members we have now or the thousand numbers I would love to have, I can imagine our current staff being able to manage the system because it’s scalable.

Think you could live without GrowthZone?

When I got acquainted with GrowthZone and started going through the onboarding and learning about the system, I told my boss, “I almost feel negligent that we haven’t had this system for the last five years.” I cannot imagine being a membership association or organization and not having an Association Management System like GrowthZone.

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