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Case Study

National Association of Temple Administration

“GrowthZone’s navigation is very easy to use, easy to find what you’re looking for, to get from place to place. I love the fact that they are always improving and taking customer comments into consideration when they’re looking at what changes to make, that’s really important.”

The National Association for Temple Administration Executive Director, Paula Markovitz, talks about their onboarding experience and what they like best about GrowthZone software.

Why did you choose GrowthZone AMS?

We looked at eight different platforms. We did a full spreadsheet analysis of all of the different systems including the features that we were looking for, what we thought was important to us, and of course, the price. In the end, GrowthZone was just head and shoulders above the rest.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

The ease of navigation was one of the things that really appealed to me when I first looked at GrowthZone. It is very clearly laid out and easy to find what you are looking for or get from place to place. They are rolling out a new look, which I just love and am excited about. I do love the fact that they are always improving. They are always considering customer comments when they are looking at what changes to make and that is really important.

Tell us about your onboarding experience.

What I love about GrowthZone’s process is that it’s incredibly organized and well thought out. The documentation is tremendous and very, very helpful. It was great having someone walk us through the process and the weekly meetings were amazing. Being able to schedule additional meetings if needed to ask and answer questions was also really helpful.

What about ongoing support?

Because of the length of onboarding that GrowthZone provides, we were able to go live and still have several weeks of onboarding left to troubleshoot problems that came up once we launched. Our onboarding specialist turned us over to regular tech support, and that has been going well. We can put in a support ticket, we can chat with an agent, and we can call. These are different ways that we have reached out in the past and every time, regardless of the method, the tech support has been responsive.

How has GrowthZone Streamlined your work?

There are a lot of features in GrowthZone, including the membership renewal process, that has streamlined our work. We are a small association with 400+ members. The team is me and my part-time assistant. With just the two of us handling things, the time savings and the process streamlining that we have experienced as a result of implementing GrowthZone have been tremendous. GrowthZone has allowed us to not worry about processes and instead, focus on the needs of our organization.

Are your members also seeing value?

They love the ability to see their billing, the history of their account, and register for events all in one place. They also love the professional look and feel of our communication coming through GrowthZone. We have implemented marketing automation for new members, which is brand new for us. We have created a whole new onboarding process for our new members which has really taken off.

Tell us about the value you receive from GrowthZone.

We do pay more for GrowthZone than what we paid for our last platform, but I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I truly believe that GrowthZone is worth every penny we pay for it. We are trying to do everything we can to utilize its great features and learn more about how to use GrowthZone to streamline and engage members as well.

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