GrowthZone Package Features – Real Estate Association Edition

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Are you ready to love your AMS?

GrowthZone Real Estate Association Edition subscriptions include powerful tools to grow revenue, productivity, and member engagement.

  Starter Engage & Grow Enterprise

Unlimited Members • Unlimited Contacts • Up to 2 Users • 5,000 emails/mo

Unlimited Members • Unlimited Contacts • Up to 2 Users • 37,500 emails/mo

Unlimited Members • Unlimited Contacts • Up to 3 Users • 100,000 emails/mo

Manage Bundle      
Member & Contact Management Yes Yes Yes
Memberships & Workflows Yes Yes Yes
Lists, Groups, & Committees Yes Yes Yes
Member Portal (Info Hub) Yes Yes Yes
Directory & Web Content Yes Yes Yes
Communication Tools Yes Yes Yes
Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Operation Management Yes Yes Yes
Billing & Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
Basic Reports & Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Event Management Yes Yes Yes
Event Workflows Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Registrations Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes
Back Office App Yes Yes Yes
Member App Yes Yes Yes
Real Estate Bundle      
Real Estate Edition Yes Yes Yes
M1 Integration Yes Yes Yes
MLS Integration (subject to existing integrations) Yes Yes Yes
Lockbox Integration Yes Yes Yes
GrowthZone Pay & Revenue Bundle      
GrowthZone Pay Yes Yes Yes
No Gateway Fee* Yes Yes Yes
QuickBooks Online Integration* Yes Yes Yes
Fundraising* Yes Yes Yes
Online Store* Yes Yes Yes
Engage Bundle      
Marketing Automation & Email Designer   Yes Yes
Forms & Surveys   Yes Yes
Continuing Education   Yes Yes
Member-to-Member Forum   Yes Yes
Basic Member Engagement Metrics   Yes Yes
Project Management   Yes Yes
Grow Bundle      
Sales Funnel   Yes Yes
Event Expo   Yes Yes
Sponsors & Ads   Yes Yes
Enterprise Bundle      
Import Tool   Optional Add-On Yes
Tenant Sync     Optional Add-On
Chapter Management     Yes
API   Optional Add-On Yes
SSO   Optional Add-On Yes
Zapier Integration   Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Member Insight Bundle      
Member Benefit Tracking   Optional Add-On Yes
Enhanced Directory   Optional Add-On Yes
Public Website      
Evergreen Website Subscription Optional Add-On Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Tech Support: Phone, chat, email Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Tech Support: After-hours emergency support voicemail box   Yes Yes
Premium Support   Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Limiter Additions      
Additional User Add-On Add-On Add-On
Additional Emails (up to 100K/mo) Add-On Add-On Add-On
Additional Emails (up to 500K/mo) Add-On Add-On Add-On
Gateway Fees      
Alternate Gateway Fee Add-On Add-On Add-On

*Contingent on using GrowthZone Pay

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