11 Proven Communication Tactics to Increase Member Engagement

association member communicationIn our recent association survey, 52% of respondents said their association’s engagement rates were higher than the year before. 25% of respondents reporting increased engagement attributed the improvement to member communication.

In this installment of our blog series, 6 Proven Ways Associations Improved Member Engagement, we explore the different communications tactics used by associations successfully engaging their members. Some of the tactics are simple to employ right away, others may require some strategic planning, while a few may need to be included in next year’s budget. Regardless, associations know that member engagement is key to retention, which (should) allow more time for association new-member recruitment. All of which equals association growth.

How they did it:

  1. Improved communication of association activities and upcoming events
  2. Employee(s) dedicated to marketing and communications
  3. Communications tailored to engage specific groups
  4. Implemented digital tools to streamline communications
  5. Increased outreach through social media channels 
  6. Outsourced public relations
  7. Consistent communication about member benefits and how to use them
  8. Regular sharing of content electronically
  9. Scheduled, direct contact from association staff to members
  10. Focused correspondence to members
  11. Goal setting that includes regular contact with members

The next installment of this blog series will dive deep into association programming for successful member engagement.

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