8 Association Event Ideas 20-Somethings Will Love

Our recent industry survey revealed a number of trends impacting the association industry. One of the top growth challenges mentioned is attracting young professionals.

Regardless of size, budget, or mission, associations continue to struggle with ideas to engage 20-somethings.

While there is not a singular answer to the challenge, even the simplest of ideas are worth trying, right?

image of group of twenty somethings

We put on our thinking caps and came up with a list of fun activities to incorporate into events geared toward your young professional members (members of all ages are likely to enjoy these ideas).

Tip: It’s important to view engagement activities for young professionals as an investment, not a revenue generator. Consider your best possible scenario to be break-even, and you’ll be on the right track.

8 Fun Ideas for 20-Somethings:

  1.     Group dinner featuring local breweries
  2.     Personal growth seminar using the Clifton Strengths Finder program
  3.     Poker Tournament with play money but real prizes
  4.     Sky-diving simulator
  5.     Bingo – cheesy but fun
  6.     Virtual horse racing or home run derby
  7.     Performance bartending (Google it)
  8.     Giant “Operation” or “Light Bright” games

Looking for fun things to do during an online event? Consider these ideas:

  •     Virtual Charades
  •     Spin-A-Tale
  •     Situation Puzzles
  •     GIF Battles
  •     check online for more inspiration

It’s time to move away from the status quo and try something new. Really, what have you got to lose?

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