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The GrowthZone AMS 2021 Association Industry Survey Report includes comments by association professionals, sharing some of their organization’s successes during COVID-19.

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We asked: “Related to your organization’s response to COVID, are there any success stories you’d like to share?”
Respondents’ comments included:

All 118 headquarters staff members have made three rounds of 1:1 calls with every officer in every North American chapter.

Amazing level of PPE procured for our health care members.

Doubled our conference registration by moving to a completely virtual event

COVID allowed us to take chances and try new things without hearing, “but it’s always been this way.”

We’ve collaborated with other chapters for support and programs.

We were able to organize weekly member calls, which were a lifeline for members as information at the time was uncertain and confusing. We recruited safety, operations, and legal experts to explain various relevant aspects – sharing information quickly. As the pandemic spread, this information was vital, and we’re proud that we were quick to respond and provide a way to share information.

Our team pivoted quickly and learned to rely on each other more. We’ve come to appreciate one another’s talents.

At the beginning of COVID, our association worked directly with the governor to deem our industry essential, ensuring members stayed working.

We have increased membership, sponsorship, and advertising from COVID-related service providers.

Transitioned the annual meeting educational programs to a series of year-round programs; implemented online advertising and retargeting to improve ROI; created new events, increasing frequency of member engagement.

Increased engagement of international members in a virtual environment.

Our annual convention went shockingly well online. People felt they had great opportunities to connect with other attendees through the chatbox for each session. We also held a virtual happy hour with comedians and popular Instagrammers.

Our association fought hard to keep our businesses in the “essential” category. I think it will be something very few of our members will ever forget.

Our COVID-related resources generated positive feedback – members communicated how helpful they are. We’ve also hosted a monthly HR cohort call for companies to come together to discuss various strategies they are using to support their employees.

Launched a virtual learning library of on-demand webinars and courses; began to charge for virtual multi-part courses, resulting in higher profits.

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