Important Changes to Association Email Marketing

image of workers standing with computer on globeCombined, Gmail and Apple iPhone account for over half of email clients (around 55%)*. The number one spot routinely alternates between the two.

Why You Should Care

Email open rates and unsubscribes are heavily impacted by any adjustments made by Google and Apple. Therefore, organizations that depend on email marketing should stay alert for updates and changes to both platforms and adjust their email strategies accordingly.

The Latest Big Updates

In a move designed to separate meaningful emails from junk, Gmail launched Smart Unsubscribe, which proactively asks users if they would like to unsubscribe from promotional emails they haven’t opened in 30+ days.

To capture subscriber interest, Gmail is also using machine-learning (AI) to bundle promotional emails by theme or topic.

This likely comes as no surprise to many association professionals. As predicted by respondents in the 2019 Association Industry Trends survey results, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already impacting association marketing.

Tips for landing in the “right” mailbox?

  • Send valuable content
  • Segment lists
  • Limit images
  • Refrain from including a lot of links
  • Use personalization
  • Send emails from different, authenticated email addresses

Keeping up to date on email marketing evolution requires commitment, but the reward far outweighs any effort.

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*Campaign Monitor



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