HBA Journey to Reduced Costs and Process Improvements

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When Laurie Lourie came on board as Executive Vice President of the York Builders Association, she brought 22 years of association experience and a keen eye for continuous improvement. She knew that a dues-based organization had to have cost-efficient systems in place in order to provide members with valuable programs and services.

Laurie identified costly inefficiencies at the association, including separate systems for managing programs, accounting, and member data. With limited staff, outsourcing technical support would prove to be expensive. After researching Association Management Software (AMS), Laurie determined her top requirement was affordability.

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After numerous software demonstrations, Laurie’s decision was clear. “The features of GrowthZone AMS checked all of our boxes,” she said. “The fact that the onboarding experience was excellent and included efficient and professional technical support throughout the process was a bonus.”



Laurie is confident that system improvements will have a significant impact on membership growth and retention. “We appreciate the ability to make updates to our website via the GrowthZone system as well as having access to their knowledgeable customer service representatives,” Laurie added.

With process improvements and reduced costs, Laurie and the rest of the York Builders Association staff are now able to focus on programs that will help members maintain quality and ethical building practices so that people can have the “American Dream” of home ownership.

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