How Associations Should Communicate with Young Professionals

association millennial communication imageIt’s a critical time in the association membership landscape and the future is in your hands.

Adults age 18-34 (a.k.a. Millennials) account for 1/3 of American workers and are the largest share of the US workforce. Effective communication is essential to engaging them with your association.


Millennials want to hear from you. But they also want to seek out information independently.

Keep your association website updated! According to 75% of survey respondents, the biggest turnoff is information that has not been kept up to date.

When you do make contact, keep it relevant and streamlined. Millennials prefer specific information on:

  • 79% – Updates on programs and services
  • 70% – Volunteer opportunities
  • 56% – Information about fundraising events
  • 56% – Activities and events for young professionals

Millennials recently passed Generation X to become the largest share of the US workforce. It’s time to embrace this demographic shift and ensure the future of your association.

Download The Power of Millennials to learn more about engaging this valuable demographic.

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