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Case Study

Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce

"It was seamless, I felt heard, I felt respected, I felt so comfortable. It was quick, they tested everything for me, walked me through, talked me through, told me what best practices were moving forward."

Allyson Tonozzi, Executive Director at Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce, shares her experience of transitioning to GrowthZone Pay.

How have you benefitted from switching to GrowthZone Pay?

The efficiency now after learning the ins and outs of how the transactions will come through, through Chambermaster and then how they also translate into QuickBooks online, end of month reconciliations are so much faster.

Is it easy to use?

It has been extremely easy to use. You click two buttons and there’s a full report of all the transactions in one given month or the previous month. You can go back. You can look at everything by transaction. The fees are there.

What do your members like about GrowthZone Pay?

They are able to set up an auto payment for their renewals, which any Chamber director can tell you is bliss. If you have somebody who is just going to pay their invoice every year without even thinking twice about it or without any communication, that feature is, I think, well worth whatever the conversion hassles were, which were minimal.

Was it easy to make the switch?

It was seamless. I felt heard. I felt respected. I felt so comfortable. It was quick. They tested everything for me, walked me through, talked me through, told me what best practices were moving forward and also were very open to having me communicate, call, email, whatever method I needed to follow up with questions. There’s very rarely a delay in the support that I was needing. I’d give it an A plus.

How much time are you saving?

The efficiency portion, for me, was occurring during that end of the month/beginning of the month, whichever time you want to do it, bank reconciliation. That process was probably cut in half.

Why do you recommend GrowthZone Pay?

The process itself was extremely seamless, having one support staff to answer any questions, that really affect your entire Chamber operation – from membership to payment processing to event planning – having it all under one roof, under one umbrella, for me, it just really made sense.

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