The ROI of a Smarter Association Management Software

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Today’s association must be lean and agile while keeping a laser focus on its core strategy. Investing in powerful AMS is essential because it allows associations to optimize operations and scale efficiently, effectively, and sustainably while providing the foundation which supports their strategy.

A multi-functional AMS empowers organizations to:

-Reduce waste and redundancies
-Limit non-value-added functions
-Improve return on capital

A robust AMS Platform delivers ROI by unlocking an association’s potential and seamlessly integrating with core processes to save costs, generate revenue, and maximize capacity. It also allows staff more time to focus on member needs and growing the association.

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To see good ROI on association software, you must have a platform that is both innovative and dependable.

Productivity is the unsung hero of ROI. Just by using an AMS, organizations will immediately realize software ROI – helping to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Powerful data management and detailed analytics provide the basis for systemized operations and effectual productivity. This enables staff to make tactical decisions based on real-time, actionable data, ensuring they maintain momentum and have time to focus on the mission.

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Work smarter. Work faster.

Terry Stevens, the CEO of Rocky Mount Area Association of REALTORS says, “I estimate we are at a minimum 20% more efficient since we started using GrowthZone.”

What would you do with 20% more time? Consider the goals that your association could reach with this improved efficiency and the strong relationships you could build with your members.

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