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Members are at the heart of your association’s mission, and each member plays a key role in your success. While many members will support your organization by renewing their membership each year, some may choose to leave. To keep your association’s membership health in check and to ensure your daily tasks are paying off, calculate your average membership tenure (AMT).

AMT is the average length of time a member stays with your organization. This number will give you tangible data to work from as you make plans internally and organize events for your members.

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In annual and daily operations, your staff and board work to enhance the member experience by keeping them engaged and excited about association activities and events. This work is important, and so is making sure that it has a meaningful impact. Calculating the AMT gives you an idea of your success.

To solve for this number, you will first find your lapse rate: # of Renewals ÷ Eligible Members. Then, simply convert your lapse rate into a decimal and plug it into this calculation:

1 ÷ Lapse Rate

For example, at the end of 2020, the overall annual renewal rate was 94%, so the lapse rate was 6%.

  1. 1.00 – .94 = .06 (1 year minus renewal rate as a decimal)
  2. 1.00 ÷ .06 = 17 (1.00 divided by decimal result to convert to whole number)

Average Membership Tenure= 17 Years

Keep in mind that all non-renewals should be included in the equation regardless of reason (e.g. business closed, member left industry, etc.).

Calculating AMT is an important way for your association to stay member-driven while encouraging growth. Try out this calculation today and see how it can help you put your members first.

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