Hey, Young Professionals – 3 Big Reasons You Should Join

image of professional fishing for young professionals“What’s in it for me?”

At a time when a professional’s experience and qualifications are available at the touch of a button, keeping your LinkedIn profile (and resume) fresh is important.

Association membership allows young professionals to demonstrate a commitment to continuing education, a personal investment in the industry, and a variety of other “selling points” to gain credibility and experience without jumping jobs.

Here are three ways associations can help:

  1. Reputation Building

Associations help members create a name for themselves. Membership builds credibility, indicates a commitment to the field, signals a commitment to professional and ethical standards, and assures knowledge of industry trends and developments.

image of to do list on notepad

  1. Best Practices

Industry best practices require complying with industry updates, adhering to ethical standards, and working to improve the industry as a whole. Associations ensure their members meet (or exceed) the requirements in order to protect the reputation of the industry as a whole.

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  1. Certifications & Designations

Whether required or optional, association-provided certifications and designations offer ongoing opportunities for professional development and a diversified skill set.

Associations exist for their members. By design, everything they do is to benefit the people that are part of their organization. Look at membership through the lens of what the association can do for members. After all, that’s why they’re there.

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