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Knowledge Library

Browse our knowledge library of association industry articles, white papers, guides, infographics, and videos on a variety of important industry topics.

tips on how to engage association members image

From Introverts to Extroverts: Engaging All of Your Members

Have you ever gotten annoyed with a member for being too loud or rambunctious? Or impatient with a board member for not showing up? If you find yourself facing similar struggles, we’ve compiled From Introverts to Extroverts: Keeping All of Your Members Engaged. This free guide will help you: Identify what motivates introverts vs. extroverts Understand what the diverse personality types value Facilitate interactivity between personality types Provide a comfortable association culture for all personality types  

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association new member communication

What New Members Want

  Get (and keep) their attention by implementing the tips and programs in The Fundamentals of New-Member Communications. It includes: Crafting the Ultimate New-Member Welcome Email New-Member Onboarding Timeline Worksheet How to Get Members to Open Your Emails You put a lot of effort into recruiting new association members — wouldn’t you like to know if that effort is wasted or not?

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Survey Results

2017 Association Survey Results

We surveyed over a thousand association professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Their insight and feedback provided valuable data on current industry trends impacting member-based organizations. The 2017 Association Industry Trends Report topics include: Successful (and not so successful) renewal methods Top challenges facing organizations Most popular member benefits And more! How does your association compare? Download the easy-to-read infographic now.

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tips for association networking image

Business Cards Are Not Your Customers

Planning on attending a networking event? Learn how to make it count. Business networking events. Some people look forward to them, others may secretly groan when they show up on the schedule. The long and short of it is: if you’re going to attend, make them count. Our association networking tip sheet provides strategies for putting together your networking plan of attack before you even leave the office.

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image of association millennials

The Power of Millennials

Can associations get young members to engage? The answer is yes. Millennials now make up the largest share of the workforce. Is your association truly connecting with them? Read The Power of Millennials. It includes eye-opening feedback from millennials, including why they don’t join and how to actually get them through your association’s door. This generation will determine the future of associations. Can you afford NOT to engage them?

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how to add new association members image

Wish You Had the Secret Sauce for Adding New Members?

You want to grow. You need to grow. But you’re finding it challenging to identify and market to prospects. Not to mention close the sale. “SALE?” That’s right, SALE. You might not want to admit it, but you’re in the business of selling. You sell memberships, renewals, sponsorships, certifications and more. But to be successful, you have to manage and keep track of the sales process. That’s where GrowthZone Association Management Software comes in.

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how to increase membership renewals image

Lack of Renewals Got You Down?

One step forward, two steps back. That’s what it feels like without a good member retention strategy. Unless you’re able to retain your existing members, signing on new ones will not lead to growth. And no growth means less revenue. Less revenue means you don’t have funds to drive results. And when you don’t drive results, you’re no longer relevant in your industry. That’s where GrowthZone AMS comes in.

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member management strategies image

Strategies to Drive Member Engagement

Regardless of size or location, one of the biggest challenges for associations is member engagement. The Member Engagement Resource Guide includes specific ideas and strategies to drive member engagement. It includes: Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers – A practical guide for associations From Introverts to Extroverts – Ideas to keep all members engaged The Member Information Center – A powerful, members-only benefit Don’t miss out, download the Member Engagement Resources Guide now.

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tips on selling association memberships image

Hate Selling?

Hate selling memberships? You’re just human. Whether it’s membership renewals, event sponsorships, or convincing people to serve on the board, people in the association world are always selling. And for most people, selling is just plain uncomfortable. Chances are you love your association, believe in its mission, and you know it’s valuable to members. Check out these tactics on how to comfortably talk with people about your association.

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