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Knowledge Library

Browse our knowledge library of association industry articles, white papers, guides, infographics, and videos on a variety of important industry topics.

Womens Programs for Chambers

5 Professional Development Programs for Women

We’re so excited to share this all-new e-book featuring 5 replicable, chamber-facilitated professional development programs for women. It showcases innovative, replicable, programs and event ideas designed to support, celebrate and advance women’s role in the workplace.

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non-dues revenue book image

Using Technology to Streamline Non-Dues Revenue

Why Non-Dues Revenue Matters: Gone are the days when associations could rely on membership dues alone to maintain operations. These days, 45% of their revenue is generated from non-dues sources. That said, we’ve assembled the top ten ways to increase your association’s non-dues revenue using technology you probably already have. Read our free guide, Using Technology to Streamline Non-Dues Revenue, and gain insight on the latest ways to boost your bottom line, including: What is (and isn’t) working for other […]

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Kyle Sexton On-Demand Webinar

ON-DEMAND: “Members vs. Investors” with Kyle Sexton

What is the difference between an investor and a member? Find out the answer from “Members vs. Investors”, an on-demand webinar with author and international speaker Kyle Sexton In this webinar, Kyle walks us through a finely tuned system for determining who is a member and who is an investor. He also reveals the triggers that generate excitement for partnering with your chamber or association. An author and award-winning association and chamber strategist, Kyle is an authority on membership development […]

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Amanda Kaiser On Demand

ON-DEMAND: “Networking Events of the Future” with Amanda Kaiser

Members say today’s virtual conferences are missing one key element. Networking! Amanda Kaiser and Matchbox Virtual Media recently teamed up with a group of association professionals to develop new networking strategies for virtual and in-person events. Take a look as Amanda shares what worked (and what didn’t). Takeaways: Adding the right networking opportunities to improve the value of your virtual and in-person events. Methods to tamp down your member’s networking anxiety (and your own). Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the […]

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Shari Pash Volunteer Webinar

ON-DEMAND: “Reignite Volunteer Leadership and Development” with Shari Pash

Shari joins the GrowthZone team, discussing how to reignite volunteer leadership and development. She also explains how to streamline volunteer recruitment using opportunity profiles. Takeaways: Understand what volunteering looks like in today’s environment Identify the best matches for volunteer sustainability Using volunteer development as a member engagement tool

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Young Under-30 Association Members

How to (Actually) Get Under-30s to Join an Association

Young Professionals are an elusive bunch. This set of tip sheets will help your association recruit and engage them. The tip sheet bundle includes: 10 Reasons to Join an Association: The Perks of Association Membership for Young Professionals 8 Engaging Event Ideas: Fun Ideas for 20-Somethings 6-Step Plan for Recruiting: How Associations can Successfully Build a Young Professional Member Base  

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Campaign to recruit lapsed members

ON-DEMAND: “Member Win-Back Campaigns” with Cathi Hight

In this webinar, Cathi Hight discusses strategies to “re-recruit” dropped members with a win-back campaign. Cathi explains: ✭ The forgotten lifecycle of membership ✭ How to overcome “re-recruitment” challenges ✭ Elements of successful win-back campaigns ✭ The 4-step process to launch a targeted campaign

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Association and Chamber Value Proposition Workshop

ON-DEMAND: “The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Your Value Proposition” with Melynn Sight

Melynn Sight explains how to take a fresh look at your organization’s value proposition and evaluate if you’re effectively communicating your value to your members. The session encourages participants to consider: ✭ Are you known for something that gets your members’ attention? ✭ Do they know what your Breakthrough Value is? ✭ Does your brand need a reboot? Get ready to question everything, to set your organization apart, and to make your members know you for something specific and unique.

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Chamber Program Idea Book

A Big Book of Chamber Ideas: Special Edition

The GrowthZone team recently reviewed every submission from 6 years of the Chamber Innovation Competition. The result? A micro e-book showcasing 5 workforce development events and programs to prepare students for professional success. It features innovative, replicable, niche-specific programs and event ideas designed to help build the workforce pipeline and provide a launchpad for post-secondary success.

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Association and Chamber Diversity Tips

ON-DEMAND: Talking About Association Diversity with Jess Pettitt

We “know” our members and co-workers, but often struggle to understand the cultural nuances of dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds, religions, languages, sexual orientations, socioeconomic status, and more. Diversity expert Jessica Pettitt of Good Enough Now explains how to increase your comfort in interacting with people who are “not the same” as you are. TAKEAWAYS: ✭ Clarifying cultural differences to better function in a diverse organization ✭ Understanding how we can help ourselves respect each other ✭ Addressing […]

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Melynn Sight On-Demand: How to Survey Members

ON-DEMAND: Survey Members with Purpose

Join the GrowthZone team and engagement expert, Melynn Sight for the live webinar, “Do Your Research. Survey with Purpose.” Learn new strategies for conducting member surveys: ✭  Get more members to take your survey ✭  Decisions to make before you develop survey questions ✭  Anatomy of a survey – questions to ask, formats to consider ✭  Turn survey insights into action

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Annual Association Trends Survey Report

2021 Association Survey Results

Every year, the Association Survey Results report is our most downloaded document for association pros. Read the 2021 report to see how your association compares: Membership growth,  retention, and engagement COVID impacts (on operations, events, non-dues revenue) Diversity and inclusion policies/practices The report also provides words of wisdom and comments from 100s of association professionals.  

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