10 Proven Member Engagement Strategies for Associations

focus on association member engagementAccording to the recent results from GrowthZone’s 2020 Association Survey, the majority of respondents indicated an improvement in year-over-year association engagement rates.

Of those respondents, 15% credited a deliberate strategy and dedicated focus on engagement as the reason for the improvement.

In this installment of our association blog series on member engagement, we explore the specific focus and strategies used by organizations with strong member engagement rates.

Utilizing everything from data analysis to updated new-member onboarding plans, these associations are dialed in on what is and isn’t working in their engagement strategy.

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How they did it:

Deliberate Strategy and Dedicated Focus:

      1. Staff directive to focus on new-member engagement
      2. Concentration on sharing relevant content
      3. Survey members to determine how to better-engage them
      4. Utilization of software to facilitate better engagement
      5. Staff focus on engaging specific groups
      6. Awareness of need to experiment with various methods of engagement
      7. Updated new-member onboarding program
      8. Deeper analysis of new-member engagement level data
      9. Expanded and diversified engagement opportunities
      10. Adjust strategic plan to increase focus on active members

The previous installment in the blog series details association programming techniques proven to drive member engagement.  

Association growth depends on member engagement. Engaged members renew, recruit new members, all of which allow more time for new member recruitment.

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