NRDS Database Integration

GrowthZone’s Real Estate Association Software features integration with the National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS). Upon installation, you will work with your dedicated onboarding project manager to configure your settings for seamless syncing and integrate your data for worry-free records maintenance.

What Is the NRDS Database?

The Realtor NRDS database is run by the National Association of REALTORS. Professional realtors receive nine-digit numbers printed on wallet cards that act as passports to a wide variety of benefits and services available at the local, state, and national levels. Much like a social security number, the NRDS ID distinguishes individuals from one another and follows them when they relocate or join other associations.

With an NRDS ID, realtors can:

  • Provide the number to prospective clients for easy verification of credentials.
  • Register for classes, conferences, and events.
  • Obtain discounts on insurance, products, services, and events.
  • Access forms, templates, software solutions, and resources in the NAR library.

How Does the NRDS Integration Help My Association?

The duty of making adds, drops, and changes falls upon the local association or, in some cases, the state association acting on behalf of a local office. The associations act as the Point of Entry to ensure data accuracy, though members can also access their NRDS records to update personal contact information.

  • Members will have trouble accessing benefits if they cannot verify the proper membership and account status.
  • Failure to keep information accurately updated can result in confusing and burdensome errors that must be identified and corrected.

GrowthZone’s Realtor Management Software offers an innovative solution to maintain parity among local, state, and national membership records.

Benefits of NRDS Integration with Growthzone

GrowthZone’s NRDS database integration provides association staff with an easy way to manage their local and state members’ data shared with the National Association of REALTORS. Select data entered or changed in GrowthZone is automatically pushed to NRDS, thereby updating agent and office records in NRDS.

Data is refreshed every 10 minutes to ensure your records in NRDS are always up to date.

With GrowthZone, you can:

  • Link NRDS, MLS, and Lockbox Status to membership status.
  • Change primary office records to reflect new addresses or phone numbers, easily applied across members.
  • Assign association agents or staff members to specific offices.
  • De-assign inactive agents from offices.
  • Link secondary offices to primary offices for seamless data sharing.
  • Search NRDS database for an agent and view the agent’s other active associations.
  • Change primary agent data such as contact info, NRDS ID, active date, local association join date, state membership, license number, primary field of business, local and NAR dues payment records, MLS ID, ethics pending arbitration flags, reinstatement codes and dates, occupation name, and membership ID.
  • Maintain NRDS education records, including NAR Code of Ethics course completions.
  • Provide letters of good standing to members via PDF or email, so they can join an MLS.
  • Store member dues payment records and generate financial records for each member or association.
  • Review NRDS event logs to track signups, payments, and participation.

Real Estate Association Management

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